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Discommunication: Seireihen

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Name: Discommunication: Seireihen
Alternate Name: Discommunication Seireihen; Discommunication Spirit World; Discommunication-seireihen
Year of Release: 1999
Status: Ongoing
Author: Ueshiba Riichi
Genre: Ecchi, Fantasy, Seinen, Supernatural
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Read Discommunication: Seireihen Manga Online

Takaomi Matsubue and Arika Togawa are second-year students at the same high school. By some strange quirk of fate, they started dating. Matsubue-kun is a really weird guy (in truth, other people just don't understand him), which causes Togawa-san to ponder: "Why do I like this guy anyway? Why do people fall in love?" They encounter a profound mystery: Tsugumi Yoshimoto, a girl who has been sleeping, sleep-eating, and sleep-walking for half a year. According to Touko and Rinko Mishima, sisters who are also well-acquainted with the structure and interpretation of dreams, this is a matter that concerns them all...

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