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Name: Eden no Hana
Alternate Name: Flower of Eden
Year of Release: 2000
Status: Completed
Author: Suetsugu Yuki
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy
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Midori and Tokio have lived separately since their parents died in a fire 13 years ago. Midori hates her school and foster home and drops out of school and leaves home. On her way to Tokyo Tower, she meets a man who happens to be her brother Tokio. Midori has no idea that this man is her real brother. She ends up back at her foster home, where she is habitually raped by her stepbrother. One day, Tokio rescues Midori when she is cornered by her stepbrother. "I am your real brother and I have come to take you back." Hearing Tokio's words, Midori jumps from the second floor into the arms of her long-lost brother. Reunited, the two estranged siblings go in search of Eden, a paradise where nobody has ever been to. A schoolgirl who was adopted by a family experiences hardships at school and home. Her foster family treats her as Reika, their daughter who had died a couple years ago. Suddenly, her real blood-related brother appears before her, who has been searching for her for years. Now her life is turned upside down. Will she learn to trust other people again? From ANN: Flower of Eden was slated for release on January 2006 by TOKYOPOP, but was cancelled after author Yuki Suetsugu admitted to copying numerous panels from Takehiko Inoue's manga titles Slam Dunk and REAL. Kodansha has ceased distribution of all 12-volumes of Eden no Hana.

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