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G (Yamada Hitotsuki)

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Name: G (Yamada Hitotsuki)
Alternate Name: -
Year of Release: 2011
Status: Ongoing
Author: Yamada Hitotsuki
Genre: Shounen, Sports
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Read G (Yamada Hitotsuki) Manga Online

Racing cars are machines made purely for power and speed and, even from a young age, Manaka Mao has always had a fascination with them. When Mao was 5, fate brings him together with Tsuji Yoshiki, the best F1 racer in Japan where Mao gets his first look at a F1 car and, right then and there, he decides that professional racing is where his life is. Tsuji takes a special interest in him because of his exceptional concentration skills and observation capabilities, both crucial for the best racers. Several years later, Mao gets an invite from Tsuji to apply for FRS, a training camp / school for young racers where only the most talented racers are even accepted. There, Mao starts his journey of being nothing less than number 1 and becoming the first Japanese F1 champion.

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