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Getsu Seiki - Sayonara Shinsengumi

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Name: Getsu Seiki - Sayonara Shinsengumi
Alternate Name: Getsu Mei Sei Ki; Getsu Seiki; Getsumei Seiki; Goodbye, Shinsen-gumi; Ketsu Meiseiki
Year of Release: 2003
Status: Ongoing
Author: Morita Kenji
Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts, Seinen
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Read Getsu Seiki - Sayonara Shinsengumi Manga Online

The end of the Edo period, the Bakumatsu (between 1853 and 1867), was an era of uncertainty and chaos, a time when the line between right and wrong was indistinguishable. During this era, Hijikata Toushizou, determined to live by his own rules, led his reformed Shinsengumi--formerly a ragtag group of mercenaries that became the elite Samurai fighting force of the shogunate--to glory. This is the story of his life.

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