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Gorgeous Takashino Ichizoku

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Name: Gorgeous Takashino Ichizoku
Alternate Name: Gorgeous ja Nai, Hajimete ja nai!, Hihou, ja Nai!, It Is Not a Kiss, Kagayaki ja Nai!, Kirei ja Nai!, Pet ja Nai!, Suki ja Nai!, Tengoku ja Nai, Yoku ja Nai
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Ongoing
Author: Shima Asahi
Genre: Yaoi
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In the Gorgeous Takashino Ichizoku: V.01 - Pet ja Nai! A young man, Hanabishi Nao who is blessed with the phenomenal capability to sense the coming danger, was employed to work for Takashino Kazusa as a bodyguard, the son of a prosperous family. Nao, however isn't suited for such a job due to his adorable looks. Instead of treating Nao like a defender, Kazusa thinks of making Nao his "pet". But just what kind of "pet" is Nao? Submissive? Domineering? V.02 - Kiss, ja Nai V.03 - Hajimete, ja nai! V.04 - Karada, ja Nai! V.05 - Tengoku, ja Nai V.06 - Suki, ja Nai! V.07 - Futari... ja Nai! V.08 - Kirei ja Nai! V.09 - Yoku, ja Nai V.10 - Kagayaki, ja Nai! V.11 - Gorgeous, ja Nai V.12 - Hihou, ja Nai!

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