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He Was Cool

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Name: He Was Cool
Alternate Name: He Was Gorgeous, He Was Handsome, That Guy Was Splendid
Year of Release: 2004
Status: Completed
Author: Gui Yeoni
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
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Ye-won was trying to climb up the fence of the school in order to cut self-study and accidentally kissed the leader of the 4 smartest guys in the school. Due to the kiss, Ji, Eun-sung forced Ye-won to be his girlfriend because he doesn’t even try to grasp a girl’s hand if the girl is not going to be his wife. At first, Ye-won hated him who is selfish and finical, but unconsciously, she was attracted to him. This guy seems to have a broken heart. Finally, Ye-won decided to hug and embrace his hurt...

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