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Heart Throbbing After-school

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Name: Heart Throbbing After-school
Alternate Name: 胸騒ぎの放課後
Year of Release: 2014
Status: Ongoing
Author: Minase Ruruu
Genre: Romance, School Life, Yuri
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Read Heart Throbbing After-school Manga Online

There is an invisible wall that separates otaku like Mitane from the rest of her class. When the class decides to go with a western maid style for their cafe, however, she gets the chance to use her cosplay skills to make outfits. After getting paired up with the serious but cute Kana, she can't help but dress her up in the cutest outfits. It isn't long before Mitane gets carried away and reveals her cosplay habits to Kana. Kana's reaction is very different than what Mitane expected, however... "Original" doujinshi by the circle GracheGrache.

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